Need help with IBM SK-8840 USB Cable

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Hello everyone. I recently got an IBM SK-8840 keyboard with the trackpad. The one I got came from an IBM KVM rack. The only problem is that the original USB cable was missing. Someone decided to cut the cable for no apparent reason at all. Hence the cheap price. Replacing the USB cable is easy for me. But finding the exact part for it isn't. I tried looking on eBay and other places for similar cables, but to no avail. The part I need is a 7 pin connector with the ground wire. Does anyone know of a good place to be looking for this part? I can't use USB cables from other keyboards because they won't fit in the IBM one. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks.



  • Looking that keyboard up, it appears to be a PS/2 keyboard and mouse (trackpad) combo, not USB. There does appear to be a PS/2 to USB adapter that would match it, but that was external.
  • You're right. There were PS/2 versions of that keyboard. But I did find USB versions of them on eBay. Plus, the store I got it from did say that it originally came with a USB cable. I looked at a Lenovo post involving finding drivers for the SK-8840. It appears that not all of the functions would work with the PS/2 connected to a USB converter, which is why I'm trying to avoid the PS/2 cable in the first place. Not all of my computers have PS/2 ports.
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