Will Higher Capacity ram work on laptop?

edited August 2017 in Hardware
I have this old Cyrix mediagxm 266 mhz laptop that currently has 64MB of ram, and it says in the service manual it only supports 64 MB of ram. So I contacted a person who actually sold the model says he has gotten the model to work with 256 MB sticks and he says the full amount of ram is recognized. What's the chance that a 512MB will be recognized? I want to upgrade it to the maximum that it will support which is either going to be 256MB or 512MB considering what I can get to work. The laptop only has a 66 mhz bus , so it came with only pc66 ram, But mine has a PC100 64MB stick, I do know that pc100 and pc133 is backwards compatible , and the only thing I have to worry about is the RAM density , How many chips are used on the stick. I am just wondering if anyone on here might know what the answer is, I have to go buy ram for this machine and don't want to buy the wrong ram.


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