AMD 486DX2-80 upgrade?

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My 486 machine that bit the dust a few months ago, had an AMD 486 @ 80Mhz,

I still have the machine which I used for parts.

I am wondering something, the AMD486 has a heatsink on it, as well as a fan.

The 286 in my pack-mate III doesn't even have a heatsink, its has no cooling, at all, and I think a 286 wouldn't need it.

Would it be possible to uprade the pack-mate III to the AMD486-80? The pack-mate three does not have the room, or the power connector for a fan, or a heatsink.


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    Doubt it. They're most likely different Socket numbers and if you run a processor without a fan, it won't be long before you let the smoke out. Melted processor chips suck.

    Besides, with as little RAM and slow bus speeds of the Packmate, it wouldn't be worth it even if it did miraculously work.
  • No, the Am486 is a 32-bit bus CPU, and 286s are 16-bit bus. You could install a 286/386SX compatible upgrade, if possible. They did exist, even if your CPU wasn't socketed.
  • so im better off getting a 386sx then?
  • Yes, but there's also Cyrix's 486 upgrade for 286/386SX systems. The bus is a major bottleneck, but it does get you 486 features.
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