Unidentified Serial Board

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Anyone have any idea what this E-ISA Serial Board is for?


The Ceramaic Fujitsu 8088 is interesting.


  • Hmm, interesting. The indicator lights (RD and SD) suggest an I/O card of some sort. The term "FEP" on the ROM suggest perhaps "Front End Processor", which would fit with the I/O and a dedicated CPU.

    My gut feeling is probably something mainframe interface or network related.

    Someone at the vintage computing forum might know for sure.
  • Hrmph, guess I would need to reg an account there.
  • Asking a friend, his suggestions:

    * It might be a system board for a backplane-based system. It could be both this and what SomeGuy says too - a FEP, but perhaps for more industrial equipment, and this is the SBC in charge of it.

    * The use of an 8088 on what seems to be a 16-bit card is a bit of an odd choice. It most likely runs at 8 MHz.
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