Woohoo!! OG Xbox update No.2

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My hard work has payed off.

At last, my display cable for my Original Xbox has arrived in the mail! I plugged it in to my Xbox and turned it on. Thank god there wasn't any blinking green + red light or blinking / solid red light; it works perfectly! It can play CDs and Xbox game disks with no trouble. Though there's no receiver thingy to play DVDs, but hopefully I can find one at my local Value Village.

So happy! :D

**EDIT** also all my controllers work :)


  • I thought the original Xbox could play DVDs out of the box.
  • Erito17 wrote:
    I thought the original Xbox could play DVDs out of the box.
    Yeah I thought so too, but hopefully I can find the Xbox DVD player kit on Amazon / eBay / Value Village cheaply. Though if I don't thats ok because I have a Blu-Ray disk player.

    Though it occasionally gets stuck closed. A few times we got away with it opening eventually, but once it got stuck and my dad tried to fix it, but he lost hope as it didn't even power on when it was connected to the power anymore. So I decided to give it a try. At first, it seemed pretty dead. But after I took out the disk drive, it seemed to want to turn on again, but the disk tray wouldn't open. Did I think it was alive? Yes and no. Yes because I saw the lens moving back and forth, but no because it wouldn't open. But I found the mechanism to raise and lower the disk tray for reading / ejecting disks. It was a piece of plastic. After moving it back and forth 3 - 5 times going left and right, I tried to eject the disk, and it ejected! I was like "Omg it works again!". After my mom found out, she was really happy (because we would have to get another Blu-Ray disk player if it wasn't for me). The Blu-Ray disk player still works to this day.

    **EDIT** though the original Xbox does make a good jukebox :)
  • I believe the original Xbox did support DVD's (most of the games are on DVD's, I think), but you have to purchase a separate remote to be able to play movie DVD's.

    Here is what that kit looks like:
  • Or you can mod it and get a DVD player for free. IIRC, the subreddit /r/originalxbox is probably the best place to turn to. FWIW, mine came pre-softmodded.
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