the motor on my 3.5 in drive vibrates but wont move the head

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so im trying to get some os/2 floppy imgs and i write the disk i notice its not detecting my disk i figure its the ide cable after all it worked before i buy a new cable still nothing then i open the drive i see that the motor on the drive is vibrating but is not moving what can i do to fix it and buying a new one is not an option


  • The floppy disk drive does NOT use an IDE cable. It uses a floppy disk cable. How did you connect an IDE cable to the floppy drive?
  • Carefully clean any dust out of the drive, and make sure there is nothing jammed in there preventing the head from moving. Check that the FLOPPY cable is connected properly and is not damaged.
  • i did not mean ide cable i meant floppy 39 pin cable and i cleaned it well so how to i get the motor to work it vibrates the mechanism that moves the head but its stuck or something
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