Matrox Mystique 220 & Creative Speakers NOS Pick Up

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Havent been around for ages, but it's good to see we've finally progressed from requesting Windows XP and crummy polls on whether we prefer Windows 98 or NT.

Anyhow I recently picked up a couple of things, more or less new old stock to be used for my 486 that may be of interest. Firstly was a 4 MB Matrox Mystique 220 video card. I already had a Millenium II inside, so it wasn't an upgrade on paper, though for running Windows 95 and playing DOS games still works a treat. The auction for this ran hot so I try not think that I could have bought a 4 GB video card or HDD instead of a 4 MB video card for the price!

The Creative speakers were known as the SBS10 of similar vintage. I would have preferred the SBS20 as these were amplified and had volume and bass controls etc, though are a nice touch for the 486 matching the beige and being accurate for the time.

Instead of uploading a heap of photos again, you may check the photos from the links below:


  • I was wondering where the fuck you went, seeing how your last post was in fucking May.

    Welcome back!

    Glad to see you are making upgrades to your 486, I just wish mine didn't die on me, but anywho I got a Pentium 75mhz with internal parts from 1994 and early 1995 to suit my MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1 needs.
  • Life has been up and down, with relative lack of me time is the short story. Nothing unique about it. When I do have some time on my own, I sometimes work on my blog.

    It took a while to get there but the 486 is good now. A CRT monitor would make it feel time accurate, but the 15" Diamond View LCD that I found for rubbish collection ages ago is fantastic for it.
    I would have liked to build or buy a 386, but don't see that happening. Instead I'm looking at building a new PC as it's been over 6 years. So far I've only purchased a new Corsair case.

    Yeah I saw your P75. The desktop case was very similar to an Acer 486 DX/33 machine I had 20 years ago. It was called an AcerMate, maybe this is what they were superseded with.
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