Password hashing upgrades

My friend Andrew had contributed some code that enables the use of bcrypt for hashing passwords; which is more secure than SHA-256 for this purpose; especially if your password wasn't salted!

Unlike last time when I hacked in salting, your password should be automatically upgraded on signon, so don't worry about it. If the site was being erratic, it was because I was chasing bugs that were only getting exposed in prod :)


  • Thank you for keeping on top of such things!

  • Squashed what I think was the last of the production bugs. It should be stable now.

  • Glad to have done it!

    For the record, I've lurked around WinWorld for a while now, and even contributed the copy of Mac OS X 10.2 we have.

  • edited April 2018


    Thanks for doing this (I think either me or someone else requested this feature on IRC a long while back).

    We need a like button for things like this. :)

  • @calvinb Thanks for all the work you put into this!

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