(REQUEST) Mac OS 9 Classic Mode discs

I happen to have an eMac (USB 2.0) that has Tiger installed but I'd like to get the classic environment up and running.
These discs are pretty hard to track down where I live and said eMac didn't come with the cd for that (bought it from a computer repair place for 20 bucks. It is in decent shape and came with the stand which is worth quite a bit on its own. Only problems are that the right speaker doesn't work, and there's no airport or Bluetooth card installed.

Would anyone be willing to upload images of the Classic environment installation media? I think it would help out many others greatly as well.


  • Theoretically, you could install Mac OS 9.2.2 in QEMU on a raw disk image, and mount that disk image on the eMac and copy the folders off of it onto the main hd.

  • I ended up using one of those universal disks that just so happened to have a pre setup System folder for Classic mode. And as such have tried Zap among other edutainment games from my youth. If it could boot OS9 (haven't tried yet, as I have heard its a mixed bag with my particular model, the USB 2.0 1.25 GHz)

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