[REQ] Wheel of Fortune (DOS, 1989, Gametek), in German ("Glücksrad")

Hey there,

i have been looking around some time, but only found two links, of which one is dead, the other is in english.
I found it in english, i can play it, but in english it is of no use for my wife...

We've played that almost 30 years ago, so it would be very nice to get it again :)

Here are the two dead links:

Thx in advance,


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    Hello Nils. In 1992, Völkner was selling this between those dreaded shareware floppies. My dad bought it for my mom back then. It came on 5,25" in a paper sleeve.

    Try looking on old ARI/Topware/Starcom game CD-ROMs, they often had special compilations for German language software. I have prepared a search filter for you:
    German DOS game compilations at Archive.org

    Edit: The Monkeygames link works! You can download it there. Have fun :)

    They say "Das Spiel wird tatsächlich über die "Ende"-Taste auf der Tastatur beendet!". I clearly remember being trapped in that game and just rebooting our Highscreen 486 with a bad feeling. :tongue:

    The Witch

  • I always get a 403 forbidden on every download link on monkeygamez.

    Thanks for that suggestion with german CDs. It is quite hard to find old german software. I usually don't care, but it used to be everything in german and there should be so much out in the wild...

  • Oh Thank you very much!

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