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A few months ago I happened upon a big box of old boxed and loose DOS software at a flea market. I later uploaded some PFS First Publisher expansion disks and promised I'd have the rest of the software later. Jump three months, and...

Power Up! Software's Company Ladder v1.01 (1ct 3.5" disk) - company organizational chart software

Aspen Software's Grammatik IV v2.0 (rB.6) (1ct 3.5" disk)

IBM Personal System/2 Model 30 Starter Diskette 1.00 (80X0721) (1ct 3.5" disk)

Kyocers Unison's PrintMaster Plus v2.0 (IBM PC & Compatibles) (1ct 3.5" disk)

Smith Micro Software's QuickLink II: Class 1 & Class 2 (Windows & DOS) (QSRW-DL3) (1ct 3.5" disk)

MicroTac Software's Spanish Assistant v4.06 (1ct 3.5" disk) - translate text files from Spanish to English and vice versa, also a WordPerfect extension?

Channelmark Corporation's The Program Director (03151422332(6)) (1ct 3.5" disk) - create menus of DOS commands

ArtSoft's (fka TriSoft) Whereabouts Deluxe v1.1 (Volume 1) (2ct 3.5" disks) - display custom messages to passersby of your computer
Disk 1/2 - https://mega.nz/#!H6gHjKAL!DJsoHDz3Z_2MIys4ettC34bleUqMkN1_-2t3ipXOasw
Disk 2/2 - https://mega.nz/#!K6ollY4K!jKJv2qmnBUj0SEh2Syaki1hPxWx0pUkSfGuJq-iKH5w

As before, some of the boxes came with 5.25" disks, but I don't have the means to image those yet. I DID finally acquire a 5.25" floppy drive (thank god for flea markets) but I'll need to buy the interface to my main PC.

Notes: I for the life of me can't get Whereabouts Deluxe to work after installed, and installing the DOS version of Smith Micro Software hangs the OS VirtualBox, but the rest works fine as far as I've used them. Version 1.02 of IBM PS/2 Model 30 starter diskette is already available online. The one I have is version 1.00. Grammatik IV v2.0 is already uploaded to WWPC, but above is the image for the 3.5" disk I have, instead of the 5.25" image that's already uploaded.

Some of this software is hard to navigate without the manuals, so I'll try to scan them as soon as I get the time - so perhaps another few months.


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