Windows 95/98/ME Flash Drive Boot Disk

I've been thinking of creating a USB boot disk for Microsoft Windows 95, 98, or ME. I have been looking forward to use it on mine and others' computers so I could run older programs (like old floppies or program cds) without compatibility issues. I looked online, but I couldn't find any tutorial on it. I need a bootable USB that doesn't have to install anything on the host PC to use. I can plug it in and boot, and then I have Windows 98. I know how to do it with DOS; I'm thinking that I could put a Windows 9x ISO in the flash drive, and then load it ffrom DOS. I haven't really tried it yet. All I need is some kind of tutorial. Thanks! :)


  • You can see an example with Hiern'sBoot CD 10.0. It includes a "portable" Windows 98, just like mini XP. When you'll have downloaded HBCD 10.0, look into the boot files and see how does it boot the mini system

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