big problem with microsoft office 2000 dev tools

it asks me to download framework then i download the right framework and that framework ask me to download another thing and so on, any fix?


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    If you really want help, don't double-post but provide some details, please: Can you take screenshots? Which frameworks? Where do you download them from? Why makes you certain that it is not the normal installation procedure?

    I don't know anything about those Dev Tools, but MS Office 2000 itself was really disturbing sometimes, felt like every click at a button opened the MS Installer which then asked to install the feature you just requested. Is this what you expierence? Then try a full install.

    If you seek a reasonable, more stable Office, try MS Office 97. It uses the same file formats, biggest difference is that it doesn't come with MS Installer and makes a solid installation.

  • I’m not 100% positive, but I think the Office 2000 Dev tools more or less requires Office 2000.... which we do not carry on this site.

    As I recall, if you installed Office 2000 from CD drive D, which is now drive E for various reasons, (or a network share that changes) you have no way to add anything as it will always look in the original location with no option to change. I also seem to recall at least one machine where for no reason whatsoever it would run the damn installer EVERY SINGLE TIME I started an office application.

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