Sharp PC-9020 notebook

Ahoy shipmates! A couple of months ago I found a swell old Sharp notebook from 1996: it does work but it's a bit clunky. I'm only able to get 256-colors and the cursor is slow and doesn't track at all well, sometimes I need to use two fingers to select what I want--GRRRR!

I'd love to reformat the HDD, but I can't locate drivers easily... How can I scrape the drivers from this machine and reuse them? I did make a copy of the HDD's contents and it's on my Win-7 machine. I was able to put Astra-32 on it to see what I have. Also, is there a way to use a 100-GB HDD on it?

Thanks in advance,



  • That machine probably cannot take more than an 8 GB drive. Also, you should be able to copy the driver files to another computer and then copy them back.

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