Offer, MS-DOS 6.22 English 5.25 360K upgrade


Many years ago, when I was starting out with my own PC compatible, I had an old IBM 5150 with only a 360k floppy drive and a 10-meg hd.

I bought MS-DOS 6.22, but, had no way to install it because it came on 1.44MB disks.

There was a request form for an alternate disk size and I sent for 360K floppies, and got them, 13 of them in all. It was a full upgrade set, the kind that normally ships on 3 3.5 1.44 MB disks.

I still have images of these disks and wonder if, just for the sake of a little more completeness this would be something the maintainers would like to add to the library.

Installing this one is tricky, since you have to change from disk 1 to disk 3 and back to 1, since not all necessary files would fit on one disk. They even put the "AUTOEXEC.BAT" file on disks 1 and 3, to facilitate this if the set were booted from floppy, but, not sure why you would even want to do this.

There is an oversight in these disks--when MicroSoft created them, they forgot to have setup copy the file "UNDELETE.EXE" automatically. So, after you install this, you don't have the UNDELETE command. You need to manually copy "UNDELETE.EXE" from disk 10 to your DOS directory.

I called MicroSoft and told them about this. They said they would check into it. They got back to me and acknowledged this oversight, but, were unwilling to redo the set, for obvious reasons. They just told me to manually copy the file as mentioned above.

So, is this something that would be of interest? I wouldn't call it useful, but, might be of interest for the curious.


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    I also have 360KB media of MS-DOS 6.22 for IBM PC/XT compatible, but also have 720KB media of MS-DOS 6.22 for IBM PS/2 Model 25/30 (8088) based drive.
    Yes, they can be ordered via Microsoft mail only.

  • If these are full disk sector images and none of the content was modified, then yes that would be good to add.

    We like to provide original media in as many different formats as possible so one could create a disk for such a need without manually juggling files, or for those with original but modified disks that wish to restore the disks to a more original state.

  • Hi:

    These are indeed sector dumps.

    I archived the images 2 ways at the time.

    First, I used DXP (Disk eXPress) which makes an .exe file out of the disk so you can restore it without a separate program. However, I used the /a switch to make sure it copied all sectors. So, the output to the drive matches exactly what went into the file.

    Next, just in case I were working with Winimage or another non-DOS program, I used savedskf with the /a and /d switches (/a reads all sectors, /d inhibits data compression and omits a 1 sector leader. The file size is 368,640 bytes.

    I just ran a checksum comparison just to make sure, and everything checks out. I also did an install just to refresh my memory and everything, other than the oversight I mentioned worked.

    Let me know if you'd be interested and how I should proceed.


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