Splinter Cell 1 on Windows 10

I recently bought the original Splinter Cell discs and I don't know how to make it work for Windows 10. DXWND should be one of the tools, but other than that, I don't know. I have an old Windows XP installation disc lying around and thought of making a virtual machine on VirtualBox, and I think it should help. But I know Windows 10 has an anti-DRM thing that makes it so I can't install Splinter Cell from the disc. There is a no-CD hack that I can use, but I don't really know how to do that; I looked at YouTube and every single one was pirating the game from Torrent and cracking it to play the game without registry and/or CD Key and I know it's definitely not legal. I am stumped. I know I'm such an idiot for not knowing how to do this, but I've finally had to resort to asking you guys for an answer. If anyone has a solution, please reply! I will let you know whether or not it works. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH in advance!


  • Unless you have a fairly beefy system, running this in VirtualBox might be too slow to be playable. Did you get a particular error while installing/running the game?

    Some of the common workarounds for older games on newer OS's include:

    • Run the installation and the game in Compatiblity Mode including:

      • "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" set to Windows XP
      • "Run this program as an administrator"
    • Install the game into a directory other than Program Files. For example, install into C:\Games\Splinter Cell. Newer OS's have some protections on the Program Files folder that Windows XP didn't have.

    If these don't help, you could purchase the game on GOG or Steam for relatively cheap and they have support. It's on sale today on GOG.

    I have a CD at home and can try this over the weekend if you need further help.

  • Unless you want to get this working as a hobby project or something, GOG is the way to go. Totengeist already suggested this. They have so many of the old games adapted for modern OS's.

  • I guess the problem's solved. I bought it off the Steam store for five bucks on sale. Glad to finally see Sam Fisher's face again.

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