Does a microcontroller using an Intel 808 cpu exist

So I just took a class on Arduino and raspberry pi , and I was wondering if an ibm compatible board exist


  • I believe 8086 based microcontroller existed but not totally sure.

  • If so what's it called

  • I have a board using an AM186, it is calld sd186es. It uses and 80186 µC. Has 256k Flash and 256k RAM onboard.

  • Someone made a roughly arduino compatible 8086 board, the 8OD.
    Otherwise, the 8086 and 8088 have similar microcontrollers, the 80186 and 80188.

    Then there was the vautomation turbo186 who ramped her up to 80mhz.

  • No it dose not exist

  • lolcat, indeed such things exist, as I have written.
    To repeat, I own one. The board is called SD186ES, it is made by AMD. It uses an 40MHz AM186ES Microcontroller, has 256k flash and 256k RAM.
    Built-In Monitor does some int21 emulation. You can write DOS-Programs in TurboC and run it directly on that board.

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