Microsoft Word 6.x

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imageMicrosoft Word 6.x

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  • @SomeGuy it was word 6.0 not 6.0a

  • the nice thing on such an emulator is that you can see things that you couldn't on real hardware:

    09592824000i[FLOPPY] fd1: 'wfd/UTILITY.IMG' ro=1, h=2,t=80,spt=15
    10175250316i[FLOPPY] tried to write disk 1, which is write-protected

    Yea, microsoft is trying to write some stuff to my utility disk, without asking, i guess it is some registration information to bypass copying or not bypassing it but allowing it and then are able to find out who did it. Evil geniuses, but not smart enough because i put the disc in write protection mode because i did not intended to write on it, even so its virtual :)

    but still i miss the classic floppy noise of my old system.

    thanks for the people who uploaded here, i would never have found my original disks, possible mum tossed it long time ago...

  • I cant open iso image. Needs a special program?

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    is there any microsoft word for mac os release in spanish language ??
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