For My Windows 95 PC, I need an 256+ Colors video driver

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Hi, I want a working 256, 16-bit or 32-bit colors video card THAT WORKS and easy to install. if I said "THAT WORKS" is because that stupid MS-GIL never check his color driver to see if it works, then he never watch his youtube comments... >:/ if you guys you find for me a Video card like this with no black screen, 200 BILLION THANKS SO.
if you find one, put your download link below.
also guys It's 2019 and my favorite, Windows 2000 is born in 1999, so... HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY Windows 2000! :smiley:


  • If i'm correct its not a VM right?

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    @TheTechWiz25 said:
    If i'm correct its not a VM right?

    nah it's an old computer I've found in my garage, with Win 95 on it, but I also have a VM with win 95 so Yes And No :)
    Oh and it has The Last of The Last version of Win 95 and softwares installed on it :smiley:

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    "the last of the last" I'm guessing OSR2.5?

    It is uncommon for any computer with Windows 95 not to automatically detect the display drivers installed on the system, assuming the card was supported at the date this version of Windows came out, in 1997.

    You could probably use a diagnostic program to find out what video card is on your computer and install the appropriate drivers.

    What do you mean by "200 billion" and "ms-gil"?

  • @Nathan22587 reply:

    i don't remember.
    but i checked it said Windows 95, OSR 2.5
    so yes The last of The last.
    "200 billion" = 200 billion thanks
    "MS-GIL" an Youtuber that made a video: "How to get 32-bit color in Windows 95, 98 or ME.
    On ME you do not need that lol
    So if you find one with No black screen glitch, THANK YOU

    P.S.: sorry if i'm late

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