[OFFER] Windows 98 SE Arabic Local and Enabled

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Back in the days, MS provided Arab users with two versions of Windows 98: Enabled and Local. The Enabled version has an English UI with support of Arabic keyboards. The Local version of the OS has a complete Arabic UI, in addition to supporting Arabic keyboards of course.

I noticed both versions are missing from the Windows 98 section, so I'm glad to offer bootable ISO images for the two. I just added "msbatch.inf" to both versions for easier installation (automatic keys entry and disabling bootup diskettes making).


  • Hello thanks for uploading these rare copies of windows 98 , i have an error when installing like, when windows starting to setup the components a window appear that "explorer performed illegal operation" and shell32.dll is missing, how can i get rid of it Thanks, Sorry for my bad english :)

  • Hello mesho417 and sorry for this late reply. I just installed Windows 98 Enabled version on a new VM and it worked flawlessly. Just make sure you choose the defaults options during installation. Good luck :)

  • great thank for this missing copy of Windows 98 Arabic

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    Thank you for these bootable ISO images they are really rare but do you have the Arabic bootable ISO images for Windows 95 and/or Windows Me (Enabled & Local) too?

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