DR-DOS 6.x

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DR-DOS 6.x

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  • Digital Research DR-DOS 6.0 (5.25-360k) is not genuine. It's from some warez site and does not include INSTALL.EXE and SSTORDRV.SYS

    Although that's version from April 7, 1992 which is needed fro Windows 3.1 compatibility - but probably better to use genuine Digital Research DR-DOS 6.0 (3.5-720k) plus updates DR6UP2.EXE (April 7, 1992), UT1192.EXE (November 5, 1992), EMSHDL.EXE (December 16, 1992), MAR_UPD.ZIP (March 19, 1993) from old-dos. They are included in 3 MB version of DR-DOS 6.0 here:

  • Nuts, and there was a 360k set on ebay a while back: https://www.ebay.com/itm/273475770334?nma=true&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc

    Apparently the 360k version was a special order item.

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    Yes, at least this is Not genuine.
    Also actual size of the image from old-dos.ru seems to be 360KB.

  • There are two versions on old-dos.ru: one with 360K images (the same broken/warez one as here) and one with just files in arhcive. But version with just files, while definitely not genuine, includes also DR DOS upgrades needed to support Windows 3.1 and Windows 3.11: upgrades from 3-27-1992 for Windows 3.1 support and upgrades from 3-19-1993 for Windows 3.11

    These were apparently distibuted on ftp, but said ftp is long gone thus it's probably good idea to store them here.

  • Looked more closely on 5.25-360k version. All files which are present look genuine (except for readme.txt which clearly says that it's warez). One exception is command.com: it's different from original one by about two dozen bytes and it's very easy to see why: when it starts is says "Sonytrol Corporation". That message in put on top of the other message in original version of DR DOS:
    <--OEM copyright starts before the arrow, +must be ASCIIZ with new line.
    Thus we could conclude that while these disks are not genuine... files ARE genuine and they should give you usable, Windows 3.1 compatible, 3-27-1992 version of DR DOS 6.0

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