Did IBM ever refer to later DOS 4 updates as "4.02" or "4.03"?

As we all know, IBM's PC DOS 4.00 was the most F'ed up version of DOS ever. There are multiple revisions, but all versions identified themselves as "4.00" in all of their executable text strings. In 4.01, the only place "4.01" appears is on the floppy disk labels.

IBM released several sets of Corrective Service Disks after 4.01. I have seen a number of places where INDIVIDUALS have called it "4.02" or "4.03". But I see no IBM documentation that mentions that, and I have not come across any disks labeled as such.

So was there ever any official IBM documentation or disk labeling that referred to updates as "IBM DOS 4.02" or "IBM DOS 4.03"?

The last official CSD set still floating around seem to be UR31300 from 06/29/90. Here is a list of the the bugfixes from the APARS list:

The following information on DOS 4.0 APARS is provided for technical service
personnel and in English only.

Listed below are the DOS 4.0 service diskettes and when they were available:

CSD UR22624 08/15/88
IFD UR22930 09/19/88
IFD UR23208 11/11/88
IFD UR23579 12/20/88
CSD UR24270 03/27/89
CSD UR25066 05/10/89
IFD UR25788 06/07/89
IFD UR27164 09/25/89
IFD UR27749 10/11/89
IFD UR28493 12/22/89
IFD UR29113 01/31/90
IFD UR29394 02/20/90
CSD UR29015 03/20/90
IFD UR30619 04/27/90
IFD UR30945 05/21/90
CSD UR31300 06/29/90

Listed below are the DOS 4.0 APARS that have been corrected. The latest
service diskette contains all previous APAR fixes. The service diskette
indicated for each APAR is the diskette in which the fix first appeared.

------- ------- -------- --------- --------------------------------------
UR22624 IR79395 ABEND XMA2EMS PS/2 mod 50Z cannot use DOS 4.00 EMS
UR22624 IR79403 INCORROUT APPEND APPEND /PATH:OFF not working properly
UR22624 IR79404 WAIT IBMBIO INT 2FH for INT 67H causes hang
UR22624 IR79405 INCORROUT SHELLC SHELL HELP index entries not alphabetic
UR22624 IR79406 INCORROUT MODE MODE overwrites user's application
UR22624 IR79407 * INCORROUT SELECT Using CTRL/BREAK with SHELL can hang
UR22624 IR79408 INCORROUT MODE MODE allows 19200 rate on PS/2 mod 25,30
UR22624 IR79409 MSGPANEL SHELLC SHIFT+F9= overlays F10=
UR22624 IR79410 INCORROUT SHELLC Pull down menu in files gives wrong help
UR22624 IR79413 INCORROUT SHELLC SHELL place hdwr cursor with selection
UR22624 IR79415 INCORROUT IBMDOS problem copying large files across NET
UR22624 IR79416 MSG PRINT First time PRINT non-exist file msg
UR22624 IR79417 INCORROUT SHELLC SHELL does not give error for / or \
UR22624 IR79423 * MSG SELECT Listing of printers should be reordered
UR22624 IR79425 ABEND XMA2EMS Hangs with Token Ring NET CARD in slot 0
UR22624 IR79426 ABEND SHELLC SHELL will not run after run Comp. BASIC
UR22624 IR79427 MSG MODE MODE not handling trans. correctly
UR22624 IR79428 MSG SHELLC SHELL not handling trans. correctly
UR22624 IR79429 * MSG SELECT SELECT correct defaults for keyboards
UR22624 IR79430 * ABEND SELECT SELECT/SHELL translated too big for 256K
UR22624 IR79459 * INCORROUT SHELL PS/2 mod 30 with 8512 error color change
UR22624 IR79460 UNPRED XMA2EMS Unpredictable results using DMA to EMS
UR22930 IR79728 * INCORROUT CMOSCLK Date does not change at midnight
UR22930 IR79747 DOC README CSD UR22624 documentation unclear
UR23208 IR79733 INCORROUT IBMDOS CHKDSK shows allocation errors with 32MB
UR23208 IR79754 INCORROUT COMMAND APPEND /x:on not working with DIR
UR23208 IR79811 INCORROUT BACKUP Cannot find FORMAT with LAN 1.3
UR23208 IR79912 INCORROUT IFSFUNC 'freopen()' doesn't work with LAN 1.3
UR23208 IR80054 INCORROUT MODE Wrong number of lines on display
UR23208 IR80174 INCORROUT RESTORE Files backed up in 3.1 not restored
UR23208 IR80346 INCORROUT FASTOPEN Internal stack overflow with CHKDSK /f
UR23208 IR80347 ABEND FASTOPEN FASTOPEN /x hangs the system
UR23208 IR80348 INCORROUT FASTOPEN Error in EMS-check
UR23208 IR80349 INCORROUT FDISK 32MB partition yields only 31MB
UR23208 IR80350 * INCORROUT SELECT Wrong partition message during SELECT
UR23208 IR80466 INCORROUT SHELLC Shell File System not consistent
UR23208 IR80540 ABEND COMMAND Working with LAN 1.3/DW4 reloading
UR23208 IR80484 INCORROUT COMMAND Batch file causes corrupted workspace
UR23579 IR79805 INCORROUT IFSFUNC DOS 4.0 not working with LAN 1.3
UR23579 IR80971 ABEND IFSFUNC Problems when printing to Net printer
UR23579 IR80973 ABEND IFSFUNC Certain command sequence on Net server
UR24270 IR80263 INCORROUT ANSI ANSI does not allow shift-printscreen
UR24270 IR80796 INCORROUT SHELLC SHELL PSC doesn't accept null variable
UR24270 IR81082 INCORROUT XMAEM IBMCACHE in ext. memory hangs mod70-A21
UR24270 IR81016 INCORROUT SHELLC SHELL Add a Program won't accept slash
UR25066 IR80287 INCORROUT FASTOPEN FASTOPEN 2nd parm causes database abort
UR25066 IR80969 INCORROUT IBMDOS File gets two clusters allocated
UR25066 IR80976 INCORROUT IBMBIO DOS checks for "IBM " for valid boot rec
UR25066 IR80977 INCORROUT XMA2EMS Sort map table correctly
UR25066 IR80975 INCORROUT IBMBIO Problem using /x and page below 640K
UR25066 IR81217 INCORROUT XMA2EMS EMS mapping returns hex 80 from restore
UR25066 IR81858 INCORROUT IBMDOS Implement dynamic EMS page selection
UR25066 IR82743 INCORROUT IBMDOS Look-ahead buffers with file >32MB
UR25788 IR80719 INCORROUT SHELLC Adding programs will overlay end of disk
UR25788 IR80734 INCORROUT SHELL File system hangs with max program name
UR25788 IR80735 INCORROUT SHELL File system not handling write-protect
UR25788 IR80974 INCORROUT SHARE Multiple FCBs referring to same file
UR25788 IR81573 INCORROUT BACKUP Ctrl-break does not terminate properly
UR25788 IR81725 MESSAGE FORMAT If command.com not in boot drive with /S
UR25788 IR81739 INCORROUT MEM Mem.exe and LIM EMS
UR25788 IR82061 INCORROUT COMMAND Invalid command.com when append changed
UR25788 IR82684 INCORROUT IFSFUNC File locking errors with PCLAN and appl
UR25788 IR82781 INCORROUT FORMAT Explicit Share load and Format /V error
UR25788 IR83270 * LOOP CMOSCLK Year end in 00 causes error on some PS/2
UR25788 IR83423 INCORROUT XCOPY Picks up wrong DBCS character for path
UR25788 IR83424 INCORROUT NLSFUNC Set code/page not clearing DBCS vector
UR25788 IR83425 INCORROUT XMA2EMS Return codes incorrect
UR25788 IR83426 INCORROUT MODE Should allow 19200 baud
UR27164 IR86344 ABEND SYS DOS 4.0 cannot install over OS/2 1.2
UR27164 IR86346 ABEND IBMBIO DOS 4.0 hangs with more than 2 hardfiles
UR27749 IR83460 ABEND KEYB Multiple interrupts may cause abend
UR27749 IR85865 INCORROUT KEYB Keyboard error causing NL failure
UR27749 IR81946 INCORROUT KEYB Loss of control of SDLC interrupt
UR28493 IR80349 INCORROUT FDISK 32MB partition yields only 31MB in FDISK
UR28493 IR81294 INCORROUT KEYB Lock keys and PS/2 mouse conflict
UR28493 IR83432 INCORROUT IBMBIO Device status check returns wrong status
UR28493 IR83733 INCORROUT IBMBIO Buffers /xs won't load properly
UR28493 IR83992 INCORROUT SHELL Copy to/from VDISK not working properly
UR28493 IR85695 INCORROUT XCOPY Hangs when downloading S/36 files
UR28493 IR86005 INCORROUT XCOPY Deletes source file when disk full
UR28493 IR86145 INCORROUT IFSFUNC INT 2F,AX=120A extended error incorrect
UR28493 IR86147 INCORROUT IFSFUNC INT 2F, AX=120B treated as crit error
UR28493 IR86863 INCORROUT IBMBIO DOS 4.01 will not accept (ECC) error
UR28493 IR87706 INCORROUT COMMAND No way to tell what level service
UR28493 IR87707 INCORROUT FDISK Does not display drives correctly >2 hf
UR29113 IR82635 ABEND XMA2EMS 4.01 XMA2EMS fails intermittently
UR29113 IR83014 ABEND SHELLB SHELL abends if lower case path entered
UR29113 IR85509 INCORROUT SHARE LOCK violation error when using LOCKs
UR29113 IR85789 INCORROUT IBMDOS IOCTL returns errors for offline printer
UR29113 IR86005 INCORROUT XCOPY Deletes source file when disk full
UR29113 IR86186 INCORROUT XMAEM Conflict with UR25066 XMA drivers
UR29113 IR88060 ABEND SHELLC Shell hangs if mouse is not attached
UR29394 IR85638 INCORROUT IFSFUNC SHARE parameters ignored when using PCLP.
UR29394 IR87909 INCORROUT FORMAT Format quits while formating Seagate drv.
UR29394 IR88228 INCORROUT XMAEM Stack alignment error impacts performance.
UR29394 IR88243 INCORROUT FASTOPEN FASTOPEN fails with WordPerfect 5.0.
UR29394 IR88390 INCORROUT XMA2EMS Memory adapters not found in all slots
UR29015 IR87035 INCORROUT BACKUP Cannot BACKUP kanji subdirectory.
UR29015 IR87867 INCORROUT IBMBIO Hardware related stack error.
UR29015 IR88255 INCORROUT IBMBIO Diskette drives not assigned properly.
UR29015 IR88392 INCORROUT IBMBIO Problem trying to access > 2 hardfiles.
UR29015 IR88409 INCORROUT KEYB Mod 70 keyboard fails when reconnected.
UR30619 IR89333 INCORROUT KEYB Bad output from key press in German works on Ascot.
UR30619 IR88367 ABEND SHARE Character device driver causes abend.
UR30619 IR88387 INCORROUT SHELLC Shell causes file system warning message.
UR30619 IR86482 INCORROUT XMA2EMS Overlap has occurred msg. with expanded memory.
UR30619 IR85784 INCORROUT IBMBIO Can't recognize non-HPFS drives when one drive is HPFS.
UR30619 IR89334 ABEND FDISK Large message size causes failure in FDISK.
UR30945 IR89527 INCORROUT FDISK HPFS not correctly supported in DOS FDISK.
UR30945 IR88076 INCORROUT IBMDOS Program loader overlays program data area.
UR31300 IR89426 LOOP XMA2EMS Hang on device installation on Family-1 computers.
UR31300 IR89621 INCORROUT BACKUP Abort of BACKUP from diskette to hardfile deletes \BACKUP files.
UR31300 IR89985 LOOP XMAEM Hang on device installation on 486 machines.
UR31300 IR87287 INCORROUT MORE First line missing with NLS MORE - Holland, Germany.
UR31300 IR85506 ABEND XMAEM 370-ch attach card: app executing Int 15H, func 87H hangs with XMAEM installed.

  • NOTE: These fixes are not installed during the normal installation process.
    Please refer to the installation information in \DOCUMENT\README and which
    appears during the service installation process.


  • BTW, I've cleaned up the IBM PC-DOS 4.x downloads a bit and added some CSD: https://winworldpc.com/product/pc-dos/4x

  • The latest service diskette contains all previous APAR fixes.

    Knowing IBM, I'm surprised that they were that efficient. Apparently every OS/2 2.x fixpack came on the same amount of floppy disks as the OS itself, making it equivalent to a Windows 10 feature update in the same way that it's essentially a reinstallation of the OS.

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    I have a printed manual for 4.0 from 1990 that came with a PS/2 machine. This manual only says 4.0, there is no 4.02, 4.03 or something else.

    If you need further information (exact publishing date etc.) I'll dig it out of my pile of stuff and have a closer look.

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    Their are IBM PC-DOS 4.00 from 1990. Michal from OS/2 Museum call them IBM PC-DOS 4.02 and IBM PC-DOS 4.03.

  • Sadly os2museum is offline right now. I want to know why he calls it like this. Michal is a great computer-historian, but if he just "invented" this numbering scheme by himself it is nothing official and shouldn't be used.
    Rather using ".... 4.00 from MM/YYYY" would be much better.

    I am having email conversations with him sometimes, so I still have his address and will ask him soon about this numbering scheme.

  • os2museum is online now

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