Body Illustrated for DOS

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I have a "backup" copy of an educational DOS program called "Illustrated Body" on 2 1.44MB FD. I made that backup around 1993 and wrote on the disk 'made with PC Tools backup".

I found the diskettes a couple of days ago in some of my old boxes and thought of restoring the files to bring back memories :mrgreen: Unfortunately, I could not restore the program, because no backup software I have today could recognize the files on the diskettes. So, I'm posting the files here in hope for someone with the right tools to restore the old program and archive it in WinWorld.

By the way, PC Magazine had a brief review for Illustrated Body in its 15 Jun 1993 issue, which you may read here: ... os&f=false

Link to the backup files:


  • I think there are supposed to be some additional "directory" files with Central Point backup files. Could you write protect the disks and then make images of them with WinImage?
  • I gave this program another visit today! I installed PC Tools 9.0 on a DOS VM. The CPBackup, which is part of the PC Tools and is the one I used in '93 to backup Body Illustrated program, has 3 backup speeds: high, medium and slow.

    The slow mode is compatible with MS DOS backup program, which means PC Tools backs up files along with indices in this mode. The slow mode is also compatible with virtual floppy drives (VFD) in hypervisor, such as VMware and virtualbox.

    The medium and high speed modes are not compatible with MS DOS. In these modes, PC Tools writes a single file on each diskette ( The two modes are also incompatible with virtual floppy drives. So, in order to restore files backed up in one of these modes, one needs to have an actual machine with a legacy floppy drive!

    I'll try to restore this program (and the others backed by pc tools) using an old computer. Stay tuned :)

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