Windows 95 boot disk lacks XCOPY

Accordingly I was not able to install Windows 95 in VirtualBox as described here:

(I do not know if there are other ways offhand.)

But I have good news! I found a disk image that does have this important utility:

I am currently installing Windows 95 in VirtualBox using disk image B and it's coming along nicely.


  • There's not really any reason to use XCOPY. Just use regular copy. That's kind of an odd way to tell you to do it on that tutorial. I do it this way:

    md C:\Windows\Options\Cabs

    Copy X:\Win95 C:\Windows\Options\Cabs

    cd \Windows\Options\Cabs

    Then run setup

  • IIRC there are xcopy and other DOS tools located somewhere on the Windows CD - the stuff that the "rescue-floppy" is made from while running setup.

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