Windows 1.0 1.01

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imageWindows 1.0 1.01

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    Their is Windows Version TC 1.00 is OEM version of Windows 1.01 produced by Tulip Computers in early 1986. A final (slightly modified due incorrect format(s)) converted version, based on a two-disk update set which converted their previous release Windows 1.xx.

  • There is a beta version available called "Windows 1.xx". Wondering if that will be available here any time soon.

  • I hope so too. Windows 1.xx between Premiere Edition and the Final Edition.

  • As you know, Microsoft did a take on making a Windows 1.01 computer simulation horror game called Windows 1.11. Yes, it is available on the Microsoft Store of Windows 10 and you can download it as a Metro application game.

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