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  • @jonirob Oh. Well thanks anyway.
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    @jonirob as far as we can tell, it's not missing anything. There never was a Write disk for this version, but Tulip/CompuData apparently forgot to remove it from setup.

    Like the other bundled applications, Write is not critical for Windows to work, hence why setup gives you the option to quit when asked to provide that disk.
  • @DeFacto So, if I press "Q" when the setup askes for the write disk, it won't just uninstall that Windows build?
  • No, setup will just finish and windows will work normally.
  • Can you please add windows comdex build?
  • Do you know of a copy somewhere that we can add? I'd be more than happy to add it if someone could dig one up.
  • Hey @Danny6915 Do have Windows 1.0 Comdex Build. Uploaded to Mega make a download link they will add to WinWorldPc.
  • Do you know how floppy disks are installed on VMware Workstation?
  • don't know if this is the right place (though, it probably is), but the beta archive wiki claims there are 2 builds of windows called 1.xx and 1.xy from tulip computers. they appear like they are the standard windows 1.01, save for the boot screen, but all of the about boxes tell a different story 'Version 1.01', and the setup says 'Setup version 1.xx/xy (dependant on the version)'.

    quote from betawiki (Windows 1.xx)
    The base of this build was compiled around 3 September 1985, CompuData added additional keyboard layouts around 23 September 1985, and later updated SETUP.EXE (setup version 1.xx is probably from 25 September 1985, while version 1.xy is probably from 30 September 1985). It is unclear if setup version 1.xx was also released before it was updated to 1.xy soon after, but since the Windows Upgrade Kit to version TC 1.00 (from February 1986) explicitly mentions "Windows SETUP, version 1.xx (or 1.xy)", it can be assumed it was.

    The included applications are from late August 1985 and early September 1985, and are already branded as "version 1.01" in the About box, though the floppy disk labels say "APPLICATION version 1.xx". The origin of the "1.xx" and "1.xy" designations is still unclear, the original user guide by Compudata never mentioned this designation at all. [...]

    Although this build contains a WRITE.DAT file on the first disk and setup will ask for the Write disk at the end, CompuData apparently didn't include it with this build. Windows Write was instead included as part of the upgrade to version TC 1.00, which creates an entirely new Write disk.

    This build features a unique font, similar to the VGA font used in Windows 2.x. Several applications have been updated since Premiere Edition, and it's now no longer possible to minimize MS-DOS Executive if no other applications are running.

    Disk 1 contains two unrecoverable deleted keyboard drivers (KEYBDA.DRV and KEYBNO.DRV), but it is possible to get these files by upgrading to the TC-1.00 release.
    (note how some things are deleted/not shipped, but don't worry, you can get them by upgrading to the TC 1.00 release)
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    Uhm I know there's no activity here but for everybody that's installing windows 1.01 WITH the Microsoft serial/bus mouse but then the Cursor is just not there, use the Logitech serial mouse for both the machine config and Installtion of Windows 1.01. Trust me it'll work the same as Microsoft Serial mouse with just a bit more sensitivity (Only IN 86box!)
  • What is the point of that? That makes no sense. Nobody is having problems getting serial mice to work. It is the PS/2 mice that people have a problem with, since Windows 1.01 did not ship with PS/2 drivers.
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    @SomeGuy I Know, But in 86box, When installing Windows 1.01 5.25-360k. With both the config having MS Serial Mouse and choosing Microsoft serial mouse option in Windows installtion, My cursor just doesn't move. and then it just dissappears after a couple of seconds. (i think im the only one that had the error or what because everybody else I saw using the Bus mouse had no errors? Also i meant THE microsoft serial/bus mouse config in the machine i believe. because when i used that it didn't work but when just using the serial mouse config, for some reason... it worked.)
  • In my VMware, the mouse driver doesn't work.
  • I'm having problems with serial mice on PCem. And when I wanted to change the mouse driver into th 2.03 one, it was write protected. How do I fix it?
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