Windows 98 SE Installation & Drivers


I am somewhat familiar with deploying more modern operating systems, but I am curious how to do an automated 98SE installation and include the required drivers?

Long story short; I am just building a legacy PC up for fun, I'd like to dual boot XP and 98SE (It's an Asus P2B-D, so the 2 cores won't work in 98 unfortunately).

98SE doesn't (or the image I have didn't) include the NIC or USB drivers, so it made the installation rather complicated without a keyboard lying around.

I just wanted to see if anyone has a link or document explaining how to build an answer file for 98SE, and inject the drivers.


  • Read the second post on that page for slipstreaming drivers:

    As for the answer file there's a program on the 98SE CD-ROM in the \tools\reskit\batch folder called batch.exe that is supposed to automate the process (I've never really experimented with win9x setup before).

    Once you make that you type "setup" followed by the location of the batch file (which is named msbatch.inf by default).

  • Looks like it reads the drivers uncompressed in the folder during the install, that's easy enough.
    You can make an unattended install with that file, for the most part, but it's not as neat as the modern deployments. Still saves a few clicks.

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