All Windows XP updates in one package?

As a hobby I collect old computers, fix them up, and install Windows XP on them. I've been able to use the Windows XP update site so far, but with Microsoft finally killing XP, that's not an option for me anymore. I couldn't find any evidence od such a thing existing, but is there a downloadable archive containing all Windows XP updates and serivce packs? To continue my collection I'd like to keep updating the computers I fix, and it would be really nice if I had all of them without having to worry about a dead update service.

This would be great for more than just my situation, does anything like this exist?


  • yes it exists as Sp4 , but with windows xp hacked to also install Windows XP embedded updates . Installing Sp4 installs all original Windows XP updates, than hacks Windows registry to trick the update service its the embedded version of Windows XP, eventually installing those as well. Newer SP4 installers also includes a few of those updates as well.

  • It has been suggested that an older version of WSUS Offline Update that supported XP might still be able to grab the XP updates. But I have not tested that and it would not include the POS updates.

    It would be good to have a somewhat authoritative update baseline. Some of these "service packs" may add extra stuff that would not normally be part of the update.

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    This will take you from SP3 to May 2014:

    I'm not presently aware of a place for the POS updates (quite a few are buggy), though several are located in the Windows 2000 section above it (the files do work with win2k in those cases).

    I'll have to keep track of them in case we lose Windows Update in July, as it is indeed possible though murky.

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    So not yet? I hope something like that exists soon considering that the update website it shutting down soon, and I hope someone creates a simple installer. I read about that Service Pack 4 thing, it seems to require lots of extra steps and registry hacks. I don't have the knowledge to know what any of that means and I don't feel safe doing any of that. I just want to install one thing and have all the updates.

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