Is there any Multi Language Pack for Win...

Does it exist a language pack for windows 1, 2 (386), 95, 98? (I have seen a MUI for windows for Win 2000 and XP so I'm wondering). I accouly don't think it does exist, it possible to modify the language somehow and translate them? I guess 95 and 98 might be impossible but can it be done by just replace the swedish over the english language?

Also, I don't know if this is okey to ask, if not, please notify me and I will edit my post, is it possible to translate Windows 1.0?

I do want to try some out that don't exist in Swedish, like "Windows 95 Chicago" in Swedish, like if it did exist. :smile:

I don't know if its okey to discuss this matter, but if not, just notify me and I will delete this post.


  • Yep no MUIs until Windows 2000.

    You could use Borland Resource Workshop (other free/ABW resource editors I know of don't support win16 executables) and change all English dialogs and strings to Swedish.

    However Resource Workshop still doesn't support pre-Windows 3.0 executables so you're stuck for 1.x and 2.x.

  • That looks like an alternative. Thank you. :)

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