Windows Blackcomb (Codename for Windows 7)

I would request Windows Blackcomb, I know what you said about Windows XP and Later but you do host Windows Longhorn (Codename for Windows Vista) plus Windows Blackcomb is really rare and in danger of disappearing so I request Windows Blackcomb


  • Yes, Longhorn is hosted here but the staff have made it clear that they will not host anything after it, like for XP.

  • Blackcomb never happened, there are no known builds, at most there was a concept video released.

  • Not an admin nor a VIP member, but this is another policy of WinWorld. They don't accept betas associated with non-abandonware. According to SomeGuy, an admin on this site, the only reason WinWorld has Windows Longhorn is because that was part of an archive from a long time ago.

  • facepalm... Windows Blackcomb is Windows 7. Just get access to BetaArchive's FTP as WinWorldPC doesn't host any beta after Longhorn and likely won't for a long time.

  • I wonder if the torrents for 7 beta builds are still active at all...

  • @wingzeroismine said:
    I wonder if the torrents for 7 beta builds are still active at all...

    Idk. I wanted to install Windows Vista Beta 2 just because of the startup sound...
    Little did i know most of the sounds were from Windows XP and there was only 1 Windows Vista sound. The Shutdown sound. However, the shutdown sound was just the Windows Vista Logoff Sound. :neutral: .

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