m.2 2280 internal ssd copying software

I want to copy my internal ssd hard drive to other ssd hard drive but my problem it when i boot up from the dvd with the software to copy them it doesn't see the ssd hard drives. Th e hard drives look like long thin memory cards. I bought a bigger one and put in the other slot. my computer uses it to boot from only and it full so if i can transfer from the small one to the bigger one it be great. With it updating so much and stuff. If anybody know of a software i can use that work with this type of ssd hard drivers. Thanks.


  • You need the nvme driver for your hadware. If your cloning software is WinPE based, it should be able to have it load.

    I have Symantec System Recovery (aka Ghost 15) and it allows me to load my windows x86 nvme mass storage driver.

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