I've found out how to install Corel Linux in VMware

This was tested in Vmware player 3.

First, create a machine with Other Linux 2.4.x kernel. It should have 128MB RAM and 4Gb ide hdd.
Then install normally. Sadly, there is no sound, display or networking, and VMware tools doesnt work :(


  • Somebody needs a tutorial for this? I thought that was quite straight-forward

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    The reason why VMware tools most likely does not work is because Corel Linux doesn't use Linux kernel 4.(insert number here). :P

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    VMware Player 3 corresponds with Workstation version 7 from 2009, so it would have been 2.6.x then.

    Corel Linux came out in 1999/00, so it likely used kernel version 2.2.x.

    You should try one of the early releases of VMware Workstation on WinWorld, which may have better support for kernel 2.2.x.

    Or you can set the hardware compatibility in the config file for the VM in Player 3 to "5" or below, and find a tools ISO from that period.

    I wonder how well Corel Linux would do in say, VPC 2004? It emulates a S3 Trio64 and an SB16. Support for those components should exist in the 2.2.x kernel based on their age.

    Or even PCem/86box could do it, given the low hardware requirements.

  • PCem/86Box hang at the loading screen.
    I'll try Vpc2007 soon.

  • @Windows 2000 said:
    I'll try Vpc2007 soon.

    NOPE. It hangs at Starting Corel Linux. VirtualBox gives guru meditation.

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    Well, it is installing in Virtual PC 5.2 (2004 is 5.3). Just had to allot sufficient RAM (64 MB) and disable all power management since I think those older Linux kernels were iffy in that department.

    You may want to use something other than the installer to format the partition though.

  • six hours later it is installing packages...

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