QuickBasic 4.5

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imageQuickBasic 4.5

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  • I am having trouble downloading QuickBasic 4.5 (3.5). The IP's appear to be correct but nothing happens. Any suggestions as to what I can do???

  • Do I actually have to have a floppy drive to down load this program?

  • Absolutely nothing happens when you click one of the mirror links? Try a different web browser.

    Well, I guess you don't have to have a floppy drive depending on what you want to do with it, but that shouldn't stop you from buying a stack of floppy drives that pile up to the ceiling. :D

  • Thank you - Finally started working - used Samsung browser and now explorer is working - thanks again

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    After Microsoft Quickbasic 4.5 there is Another QuickBasic Product called Microsoft Game Shop. Microsoft Game Shop is between Microsoft Quickbasic 4.5 and Microsoft Qbasic 1.0. Microsoft Game Shop use make games in QuickBasic. Microsoft Game Shop might more closer to Qbasic line than Quickbasic because it lacks a Compiler. Microsoft Game Shop is on eBay of all places.


  • SETUP immediately says "Insert the disk 'Setup/Microsoft QB Express' in drive A:", and refuses to use anything from C:/. It seems like you actually have to copy the files to a floppy disk to get the installer to work...
  • A lot of DOS/Win3x installers are like that. That is why we provide disk images where possible.
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