QuarkXPress 3.x

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imageQuarkXPress 3.x

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  • Quark XPress 3.3 for Macintosh has no download links. Could you please update?

  • Ok, fixed. Give it a try now. Thanks for reporting that.

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    @SomeGuy thank you very much for your effort and immediate response.
    !!Now joking!! But you hindered me writing my very second post in forum regarding this. :) !!I'm joking, right.!!
    If I could organize my messy setup disks and cds some day, I'll be very happy to offer anything I can.
    WinWorld ROCKS!

  • I think "QuarkXPress 3.1 (5.25-1.2mb)" 's img files 2-5 are corrupted

  • @Hecvid


    Can you prove the fact that img files 2-5 are corrupted?
    At least there is no problem to install QuarkXPress 3.1 on Windows 3.1
    (with 386 DOS PC, PCEM, 86box emulator)

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    (Edit: removed quote)
    I tried to install it on a dosbox emulated windows 3.1 and files 2-5 could not be extracted in any way.
    When I simply used the provided extractor (provided by the special dosbox win3.1) the installer could not find "xpress0X_" on the second disc.
    After that I tried to extract all of them with 7zip and the first file got extracted but I got error meassages to the others (errors can be seen on the image linked below)
    Furthermore nothing I have can open files 2-5, but I can open file 1

    Emulator: http://www.columbia.edu/~em36/win31dosbox.html
    Image: https://pasteboard.co/Ip0uPNv.png

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    At least I don't recommend to use DOSBOX or VMware/Virtual PC if the install is failed.
    I tested it on real 386 PC, PCEM, 86box emulator because it is certain to install or run
    software on real DOS PC or emulator for real PC (PCEM/86box).
    Also there is no reason to extract files from disk image by 7zip.
    The best way is to run on PCEM/86box if you don't have real DOS PC.
    (Not recommend DOSBOX)

    P.S. Please do Not quote whole sentence!

  • @ibmpc5150

    I see, thanks.

    (After the issue I tried later versions and they worked fine.
    Actually I only tried to extract them for test purposes.
    If the files were fine then the extraction should have worked.
    But if they are functional on your side then never mind it must be something on my side)

  • QuarkXPress 3.1 (5.25-1.2mb).7z works fine for me.

    Don't use WinZip/WinRAR/7Zip to open disk image files. They are not really designed for that, and they get confused easily. More often than not, they try to open archives INSIDE the disk image, and then get confused because many installers use oddball archive formats.

    We generally recommend WinImage.

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    You should how to handle disk image detaily if you want to run on emulator.
    Disk image is not only for emulator.
    Also DOS/Windows 3.x based floppy software is for run on real DOS/Windows 3.x PC at first.
    (Not for emulator at first)

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