{Offer] Microsoft Sort package 5.25" floppy (circa 1986)

Finally clearing out my old 5.25 floppy disks.
The Microsoft Sort package seems to be the only thing I have that isn't already uploaded.
I am based in New Zealand and have no 5.25" floppy drive. :-(


  • I have been looking to add that package. I assume this is the DOS version? Perhaps there is someone local to you that can help you dump the disk? You might ask around on the vintage computing forum vcfed.org or the kryoflux forums.

  • Okay. I'll check around now I know it would be useful. (And I use the term 'useful' in its broadest sense.)

  • Thanks. True enough, Microsoft Sort was a text flat file manipulation tool that probably was more useful on the CP/M systems it originated on. I'd assume it was highly optimized, but almost any database software would have had similar capabilities.

    Microsoft had a retail DOS release (typical green binder) and IBM sold an OEM version with their typical IBM branding. Microsoft also had a CP/M release on 8-inch disk.

  • The best way is to buy 5.25" floppy drive and dump it by yourself.
    Dumping methods are several.

    I use the following method.
    1) 80286 based PC on real MS-DOS.
    2) Windows PC with SCP.

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