SunOS Trojan Detected

So I'm Downloading SunOS 4.1.3 Source and it detects a threat inside the file called "Trojan:Unix/Rootkit.C (Probably WinRAR detected it or Windows Defender Scanned the file while it was done with the download).

So is this a thing I have to Ignore and allow through my PC? or a real threat And delete it?


  • The same Trojan was found on SunOS 4.1.4 Solaris 1.1.2 Source.

  • Facepalms at Microsoft. This is SOURCE CODE. It won't do anything unless you manually compile it. The only thing "dangerous" about it is that may educate people.

  • So Microsoft Is again Just showing False Positives?
    Man Microsoft is just annoying at this point if they just gonna give False positive on non harmful files.

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    So if anytime I will see a virus detection from this site (Because of a file i'm downloading)
    I will just gonna Ignore it.

  • Modern virus scanners use brain-dead forms of pattern matching. Any uncommon file is likely to get flagged eventually.

    Please do report any problems here, but just be aware that any flags are likely false. Most virus scanner vendors have someplace to report false positives. If enough people report false positives, it may eventually stop flagging it.

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