Making Interface Manager Demo Application

I Making Interface Manager Demo app for Windows 10. I want know which software best to make my Windows 1.0 Interface Manager Demo App. Do i need Virtual Studio to make my Application?


  • Yes I want make a Windows 1.0 Program.

  • You will need Microsoft C 5.0: but our disk set is missing some files. Of course no one has archived manuals either. Probably also need some bits from the Windows 1 and 2 SDK:

    Good luck with that.

  • You will need to link to the libraries from the correct SDK. The icon format changed so using the icon editor from the SDK version being used might be simpler.

    Debugging is complex. With real hardware, it is necessary to install the debugging DLLs which are supplied with the SDK. It is also necessary to install a MDA secondary monitor to show codeview information while Windows is displayed on the graphics monitor. Or somehow figure out how to fake it through an emulator.

    I think MS C 5.1 could be used to create Win 1 programs; I know I used it for Win 2 programs. Don't use MS C 6 for anything. Unoptimized MS C 6 code will be big and slow but the optimizer often resulted in extremely buggy executables.

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