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I am new here and I downloaded the dos 6.22 image files and when I try to copy then on to a formatted floppy it gives me a message saying I am 16.5 kilobytes short Not enough disk space.
Running windows 7.
Can anyone help me?


  • Are you trying to straight-up copy the image files onto your floppy disks?

    If so, I'm afraid that's not the way to do it. You're supposed to burn the image files onto the disks by using specified floppy dumping/burning software such as WinImage or RawWrite. Simply use one of those two (or a similar program) to write the image files onto the disks.

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    If you have a virtualizer or emulator with access to the physical floppy drive, you can start the installation of DOS 6.22 from the disk image, then have the installer install it onto the physical floppy.

    You can also do SYS A: or B: to the actual floppy after installing DOS in the virtualizer/emulator.

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    Winworld provides most downloads in disk image (IMG) format. One writes those images to a real floppy disk using a tool such as Winimage. If you intend to run software in an emulator or virtualizer instead of a real PC, then tell your emulator or virtualizer to use the IMG file as an emulated floppy drive by pointing it to the IMG file.

  • Thanks everyone I used WinImage and it works.

  • I'm maybe 1 year too late.There's another way to create a 1.44 disk.I'v opened the IMG file with 7z file manager.Then go to the directory where the IMG file realy is.Open it (doubleclick), and you have only the content of the disk.Select all, and choose "copy" in the menu, and in the window select drive A:.Enter.
    But I have another problem with the downloaded images.Till today my IBM 300PL 6562-340 told me "No system disk" on start.Then I'v started with another version of 6.22, change the disk, and format a new diskette with the /S option.Then I'v copied the entire disk to the new one. That disk is now starting the PC, and even the setup dialog for DOS 6.22 by itself, but after the message "Insert Disk #1" and "enter" the message appears again, and again,.... The disk 1 is in the drive! I'v tryied to rename the disk several times, without any changes.... Can somebody help?

  • You’re having trouble, because that method isn’t a quite right. 7zip will copy the files, but you need to make a bootable disk, and sometimes some program care about the internal disk label, etc. So you should use something like winimage instead.

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