Windows 1.0 1.01

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imageWindows 1.0 1.01

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    Their is Windows Version TC 1.00 is OEM version of Windows 1.01 produced by Tulip Computers in early 1986. A final (slightly modified due incorrect format(s)) converted version, based on a two-disk update set which converted their previous release Windows 1.xx.

  • There is a beta version available called "Windows 1.xx". Wondering if that will be available here any time soon.

  • I hope so too. Windows 1.xx between Premiere Edition and the Final Edition.

  • As you know, Microsoft did a take on making a Windows 1.01 computer simulation horror game called Windows 1.11. Yes, it is available on the Microsoft Store of Windows 10 and you can download it as a Metro application game.

  • Is there a setup file for this version that contains the IBM PS/2 Mouse? Because I need to choose always the option "No Pointing Device"

  • There's modified copies online with the PS/2 mouse driver added from later versions. You can also add it yourself or use the IBM PS/2 OEM of 1.04, which has it standard.

  • Thanks, I have found a modified copy, right on this safe site: 1.01 with PS2 mouse support 1.01/?id=8859

  • Because just dropping in the Windows 2 mouse driver is too damn hard apparently.

  • You can drop a Windows 1.04 IBM OEM PS/2 mouse driver into pretty much every single final version of Windows 1.x with a proper installer. The result will be better than with 2.0 driver, as it works the same and has a proper name.

  • Well, I have found my own way to drop the Windows 2 mouse driver into the Windows 1 setup disk, and it works without any problem. Thanks anyways for helping me out!

  • I can't stop imagining what would happen if Windows 1.x was an operating system instead of being an application just for the GUI.

  • Windows was intended to be ported to other OSes. Had Atari chosen to pay for MS to port Windows to the 68000 for the ST, there would have had to been some new OS underlying Windows. Atari instead went for Digital Research which had code for the 68000 even if only in a rudimentary state.

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