[OFFER] Softkey Art Bonus Pack CDROM: PC Paintbrush 1.0, PhotoFinish 3.0, Key Photos for Windows 3.1

I'm digging through the polycarbonate of the '90s and through WinWorld. For completists who are still hanging on to their MPC Windows 3.1 machine (or creating one via VirtualBox), here's some more CDs of classic software already available here but in CDROM ISO format.

Back in the day, software resellers such as Babbages and Electronics Boutique used to have these towers full of shrinkwrapped CDROMs for sale, most of them published by SoftKey. One of these that I used a lot in Windows 3.1 was the Art Bonus Pack which contained PC Paintbrush version 1.0, PhotoFinish 3.0, PowerAlbum, and a Key Photos library for Windows 3.1. I also picked up a PC Paintbrush-branded clipart collection, placed both CDs and their booklets/inlays into one 2CD jewelcase and considered that my digital painting tools at the time.

Not only are all the programs here on these CDROMs (the software installers have their "disks" divided into appropriate diskette subdirectories in case one likes to go retro and copy and install from 1.44MB floppies), but the manuals are also on disc in retro .WRI format. So that makes this a definitive collection of these packages one can get at the time.

Plus you get a lot of vector, bitmap, and photo clipart as a bonus. 😁

I'll place 'em online if there is demand for data stripped from polycarbonate-encased aluminum substrate.

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