What's the deal with the OS/400 entry on the download page?

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Hello everyone,

The title pretty much sums it up: I'm interested in OS/400 disks/tape images as I have a couple of 150 and a 270 that would I'd love to clean up.

Oh and I have an original set of V3 tapes that I could image if I had the correct tape drive, I'd love for someone to direct me on that topic.


  • The deal with it? https://winworldpc.com/product/os-400/ says it has no downloads and I don't recall there ever being any. Someone else probably created that product page in the old system where we could not remove unused entries.

    If you have original copies that you can archive, please do send them up and we will take a look at them.

    If you need help archiving tapes, I'd suggest asking on the vcfed.org vintage computing forum. There are lots of gurus there that can help.

  • Thank you. I was wondering if there were any licensing issues preventing you from uploading the images.

    Will do, I'm a vcfed user too. Too bad there seem to be no AS/400 emulators at all...

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