How to convert .psi disk image to other format (or other way to use it in 86box)

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Hi, so i downloaded a disk in psi format from here and I cant open it in 86box do you know how I can convert it or something?


  • oh yeah its also in kryoflux format

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    PSI format is for PCE (IBM PC 5150, not PCem).
    You can't read it on another emulator.
    PSI format can be converted by PSI.EXE of PCE emulator.
    But it is limted.


    I think 86box seems not to support INT-13 fully just like PCE emulator.
    Not all the PSI image or image from PSI are worked on 86box.

    I recommend to run on PCE emulator with .PSI format if possible.

    P.S. Do Not quote my sentence!

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