photoshop 6.0 full boxed

ive got photoshop 6.0 with full box and everything lying around, wonder if it would be useful to anyone here


  • I would like to see it!

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    a picture .

    edit: disk is very scratched but it dumped fine

  • Are you able to scan that stuff?

  • yeah i have a scanner

  • Is this the multilanguage Version or english only?

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    If this becomes available and also serving as a working upgrade to Photoshop 5.0 (which I have on one of my VMs), then that would be great. I mean, Photoshop 5.0 is good enough for most things but it'd be nice to have something a bit newer. I look forward to it, only when this is given the green light by SomeGuy.

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    @plangg said:
    Is this the multilanguage Version or english only?

    not sure havent installed it
    but since all the manuals n shit are in english its probably the latter

  • Did this get uploaded?
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    Where did this get uploaded, please?
    Thank you for everyone here!
  • What, People wanting PS 6? I can find that easy enough...

    Personally use PS 5 as I have ALL the extensis plugins working that integrate into PS 5 GUI and also Deep Paint 1.0b with the transfer plug working great (and many others)...

    Use it all the time for converting to Mirai format...

    PS 5 had first integrate of ImageReady which was best combo & ImageReady have some tools better than the matching PS which got worse with every version after...
  • You can find full installs & portables of PS 6 here- 6
  • @souljaboy yes that would be VERY useful! I would like to get a verified good dump of Photoshop 6.0. In fact you should submit it to WinWorldPC so they can add it to their software library.
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