[OFFER] PC-DOS 6.3 PT-PT and Windows 3.11 PT-PT

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Hi there!
Recently I got hold of an not working IBM Personal Computer 330/450DX, and after I fixed it, I noticed that in the original Quantum Maverick Prodrive 270MB HDD it came with the OG PC-DOS 6.3 and Windows 3.1 installation on it! Also installed was an utility called "Disquete Factory" (Floppy Factory in english) that allowed me to create the floppys with PC-DOS 6.3 in PT-PT, Windows 3.11 (not for Workgroups) in PT-PT and a few other floppys (Cirrus Logic SVGA driver and utilities for DOS and Windows, Logitech MouseWare, ETC) As I was creating the disks in de IBM, I was creating .IMA files of the created disks!
Would it be of any value to the site?
Best Regards from Portugal


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