Defrag on Linux?

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How/Do you defragment a drive under Linux? EXT3 FS.



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  • HeH, that's what my SCO manual says to do.


    PS. I'm root, so if everything gets screwed, alright ;)
  • Really and truely, EXT3 and EXT2 partitions don't need defraging. The partition managnent way better then say FAT and NTFS. Heres a example, You install program A and then you install program B. Now if you uninstall or delete program A, program B moves / shifts over in its place. Also linux doesn't really have a registry, just a but load of config ascii files that are sitting in the /etc directory, just locate them and delete then, they're usealy the same name as the binary program. Thus this doesn't let fragmented files float around on the hard drive and cause things to go slow.
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