Tandy 1400 LT startup disk

My dad saved my very old 1400 LT in great condition but apparently lost the system disk. Is there any way I can get a new copy on a 3.5 floppy that would allow me to use the computer?


  • There is an image here: https://winworldpc.com/product/ms-dos/320

    They look to be 720K disks, so know that some USB floppy drives won't work with them, but many will.

    If you have no floppy drive to make disks (which I'd recommend you get if you enjoy old computers), you might need to post where you are so that someone could determine if they could easily make one for you and send it to you.
  • I do not have a 3.5” floppy drive to create it myself. Many of the usb 3.5” floppy drives they sell now seem like they are read only.
    As for where I am, Houston Texas.
    I will check out the usb drives again. If there is a model you recommend that writes, let me know.
    I appreciate the help. Thanks.
  • I’ve got a Lenovo usb floppy drive that seems to work pretty well. I’ve also got a VST technologies drive that was sold to match colors with old CRT iMacs. Both seem to work with 720K floppies and have no issues writing.

    I’m in Arkansas so I could probably make a floppy and mail it media rate if you cannot make one for yourself.
  • All I can recommend off hand is avoid the Bytecc usb floppy drives. None of the Bytecc brand ones I have had supported 720k. For some dumb reason, most vendors don't advertise this ability.

    What USB floppy drives are "read only"?
  • I was reading some FAQs on Amazon and the answer for a few of the slim models said that it was read only which made me doubt the brief descriptions of the rest of them. Since the technology is so niche now they don’t provide much information anymore.
  • Jafir,
    If you are able to make a disk for me, I would be very grateful and would be happy to cover the cost. Let me know if you are agreeable.

    I am going to continue looking for a drive but the specs I am finding so far are lacking and does not give me confidence that I will get what I need quickly.
  • Sure. Send me a message with your address. Do you want just the original Tandy disk, or do you want a newer version too?
  • I sent it. Thanks!
  • Did the disk ever show up? I tried going cheap this time and just did first class mail in the media mailer, so no tracking number and I don’t know if those maulers are good enough.
  • I was away dropping my daughter off at college. We returned yesterday. I have the disk and it works! Thanks so much! How much do I owe you?
  • Don’t worry about it, I’m glad it made it there. That’s good news, it seems we can mail floppies for just two stamps or less.
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