What is your favorite WinWorld application program?

What is your favorite WinWorld application program (not operating system or game), and why? It does not have to be something you use, just something you find interesting.

Personally I like so many applications, it is hard to pick one or even just a few. I have mentioned Instant Artist / Print Artist before: https://winworldpc.com/product/instant-artist-print/10 It uses vector graphics, so cards and signs look sharp even on the highest resolution printers, and it has an excellent set of easily reusable and customizable generic artwork.

So, what application do you like?


  • It's hard for me to pick as well. I was about to install Print Artist after reading what you said about it!

    I like After Dark 4.0 and install it whenever I install Windows 9x. There's a very wide range of screensavers, some of which are interactive and deviate greatly from the ones that come with the OS.

    There are also Policies/Performance Now! which are kinda fun to mess around with.

    Adobe Acrobat 5.5 Professional is relatively brisk (compared to 6.0 and up), win95 compatible and has few issues with modern PDFs.

  • After Dark 4.0 also :D

    Also 3D Atlas 98 and Catz II. I've took a recent interest in Microsoft Golf as well :)

  • The Norton Commander. I used it for ages until I switched to Linux (midnight commander) and I missed the hell out of it when I started getting into tinkering with making DOS virtual machines.

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    Microsoft Office 97, because it doesn't have a stupid 'ribbon', and I don't need to connect to the internet to use it.

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    @robobox said:
    Microsoft Office 97, because it doesn't have a stupid 'ribbon', and I don't need to connect to the internet to use it.

    Personally, I don't bother with the ribbon interface, but I totally agree with the latest Office needing the Internet just for it to work, as with most "modern" software these days.

    Office 97 is my favourite too, just because it reminds me very much like Office 2000 that I fondly remembered from my early computing days :)

  • Microsoft Office 97 - FOR same reasons as Bry and Robobox. Hate the new versions and doesnt need online connection :)

  • WordStar 4.0 Professional: I use it as an "editor on steroids". When I have a long day at the hospital it is a perfect choice to have on my Chromebook (via Linux VM and DOSBox) because I don't have F1-10 keys. Plus- with DOSBox throttled down plus killing the wifi, the battery lasts a super long time. I have fallen in love with this one.

  • Turbo Pascal. I'm really interested in retro software development, and the very first development tool I used was a copy of Turbo C++ that I got from a clearance store way back in 1996, so I have some background with Borland stuff. I only started using Turbo Pascal in the last couple years because I wanted to write something using the CGA 160x100 graphics mode, and the Paku Paku source was written in TP. While I downloaded TP 7.0 from here a while back, I just picked up a real copy from eBay (and dumped the images for the site, since the 7.0 posted there isn't original - the official release comes on 720kB 3.5" floppies, not 1.44MB).

  • Microsoft Office for old versions of Windows and Visual Basic 1. Maybe a couple others.
  • At the moment, NetWare although there are plenty of other things.
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