scanner agfa

can not make the scanner AGFA DUOSCAN work on windows 10


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    What is the model number?

    It is likely an SCSI scanner. Newer versions of Windows aren't great with many SCSI peripherals. Especially those that rely on WinASPI.

    That being said, if you're using it to scan film I'd highly recommend a newer device.
  • yes i am using to scan film.. the scsi is ok the driver is the problem
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    there is no model nunber just agfa duoscan Hid
  • Are you using 64-bit Windows? For old hardware, it's best to stay on 32-bit because 64-bit drivers are likely not to exist.

    There should be a label on the unit that says the model number. For instance, T1200.
    You should be able to open in device manager, and in details get the hardware ID and web-search it. I bet you could search "agfa duoscan hid driver" but then again you might wind up with clickbait viruses.
  • i know that thanks
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