Windows 2000 Sound Issues in Latest version of VMWare Workstation

I am noticing an issue when I have either installed Windows 2000 SP4 by itself, or even after adding some Microsoft patches post SP4 afterward. The issue is the sound. No matter what the event, from startup to shutdown, there is a stuttering sound in whatever wav file is being played. I'm running the VM on premium equipment, the VM rests on an SSD. I've got VMWare tools installed. Everything else about the install is perfect; the only issue is the sound for some reason. Has anyone else come across this issue? If so, what was your solution?


  • I have a Windows 2000 VM integrated with unofficial Service Pack 5 and don't have any sound-related issues on Windows 10 64-bit 1803 as host and VMware Workstation 14.1.3. Will upgrade soon to VMware 15 or 16 and Windows 10 2004 and see if the VM gives me audio issues.
  • I had sound issues with XP. Haven’t tried 2000 yet. But in XP the sound was distorted and slowed down. What are your host systems specs?
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