Win7 ESU Bypass problem

First of all, the ESU Bypass for Windows 7 has been a godsend for those wishing to hold on to the OS for much longer but today, the latest security roll-up for it failed to install for me (and the update in question is KB4577051). Now, as anyone would know from a thread somewhere else here, the bypass was from MyDigitalLife and normally I'd post queries/problems there but I decided to have my account deleted there for personal reasons and there'd be no point signing up again days later and report this. So instead, I want your help on this issue but only if any of you happen to be on MDL also. A part of me thinks a newer version of the bypass may be required but I'm not sure. The last thing I'd ever want to do is force my system to go offline just because it's lacking critical updates, especially given that Win7 is pretty much the new XP when it comes to the eyes of cyber criminals (although maybe not as much, but still).

Anyone that is willing to help me out on this, and can continue to do so if problems like this happen again, then please drop me a PM and we can talk.



  • Yes, that is exactly what their website says, you need version 8 of the bypass:
    BypassESU-v7 (no longer working since 2020-09 updates)

    It's their scripts, you'll need to make an account to download from there.
  • I sort of knew that a new version was needed. I wasn't aware. But I'm not sure about making a fresh new account only for that when I had it wiped today.

    Although, to save me the hassle, if somebody can PM me the download link to the new bypass then that would be ideal.
  • The need for new versions will likely pop up again in the future, an account on their site would make the most sense.

    You can also try
    People will register accounts and submit the credentials there. The accounts can be disabled at any time though.
  • Thanks. I'll do this later in the week.
  • I've installed the new bypass, and reinstalled that update. However, I'm not given the Servicing Stack Update through Windows Update upon a reboot as it usually happens. Now, just there, it's not even listed in the Microsoft Update Catalog (yet there's SSUs for other Windows versions). Unless maybe, this month's SSU release is delayed or perhaps integrated within the monthly rollup.
  • Well, looks like I had no choice but to uninstall the update... because somehow, it caused graphical glitches with Firefox and Pale Moon, more so with dropdown menus and tooltips (and even tooltips from the taskbar as I have Firefox as a maximised window).

    Let's hope things are better for October's security rollup, as long as it can be installed without this month's (and can work with the August SSU at least).
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